What kind of lamp is used to dry nails?


The lamp used to dry or cure nails after applying gel nail polish is called a UV or LED nail lamp. These lamps are an essential tool for gel manicures and pedicures because they help to cure and harden the gel polish, ensuring a longer-lasting and more durable finish.

There are two main types of nail lamps used for this purpose:

UV Nail Lamp:

Uses ultraviolet (UV) light to cure the gel polish.

Typically less expensive than LED lamps.

The curing time is usually longer compared to LED lamps.

LED Nail Lamp:

Uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to cure the gel polish.

Curing time is generally faster than UV lamps.

LED lamps tend to last longer, and they are more energy-efficient.

When using a UV or LED nail lamp, it's essential to follow the instructions provided by the gel polish manufacturer. Each gel polish brand may have specific recommendations for curing times and lamp usage.

Additionally, some nail lamps are designed to be versatile and can cure both UV and LED gel polishes. Before purchasing a lamp, make sure it is compatible with the type of gel polish you intend to use.

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