How to Choose Nail Drill Bits Material


Nail drill bits are attachments used for electric nail drills for cutting, filing, polishing, and buffing nails during manicure and pedicure services. The material of nail drill bits is a key factor that affects the quality and lifespan of the bits. There are different types of nail drill bit materials that have different characteristics, such as:

Metal bits: Metal bits are made of either stainless steel or tungsten steel. They are hard, durable, and resistant to deformation. They are suitable for removing dead skin on the nail surface and creating precise filing and buffing effects.

Ceramic bits: Ceramic bits are hard, provide smooth performance without heat and noise, and won't cause thermal damage to the nails. They are suitable for minor edge smoothing and nail surface buffing and polishing.

Carbide bits: Carbide bits are flexible, and they are more suitable for delicate nail work such as working on the cuticles and intricate details.

Depending on different needs and preferences, you can choose nail drill bits made of different materials. It's important to follow the proper operation method when using nail drill bits to avoid damage to the nails and hands. Finally, it's necessary to clean and disinfect the nail drill bits regularly to avoid bacteria propagation.

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