Nail Dryer Lamp 24w
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Nail Dryer Lamp 24w

Hot New Item SUN X4 UV LED Nail Dryer Lamp 24w For Professional Nail Drying All Gels Polish Lamp, For nail lovers, get a DIY manicure, Salon or Home use. Of course, you can also use it as other handmade accessories or DIY toys. Very convenient and easy to use. Don't hesitate to contact us to order. We are a manufacturing enterprise located in Shenzhen, China. We are a nail products supplier. We offer all our products at OEM&ODM, OBM wholesale prices. Please leave a message or contact us on whatsapp.

Model:SUN X4

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Product Description

There is an old saying that the hand is the second face of women. What's more, the nail is the key of hand. If your nails haven't been cared attentively, they will wither your hands easily. Thus a manicure lamp is in need. Innovative: this manicure lamp of Nail Dryer Lamp 24w is innovated by the supplier, so the cost and the price of the lamp cannot be expensive.Electricity-saving: this manicure lamp only needs 24W electricity, lower than other manicure lamps.Light sources: this lamp has double light sources, 365nm and 405nm.Timing set: there are five timing models, 15S, 30S, 45S, 60S, 99S, and you can choose one of them according to your need.Start methods: you can have your manicure lampwork by two ways, handle starting and automatically.Manual: the manual is written in 8 kinds of languages, English, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Japanese.

Product Parameters:

Quick Details
Product Name Nail Dryer Lamp 24w
Model Number X4 24W
Material ABS/PUPaint/rubber paint
DC output 15v 1.5A
Power 24 watts
Color white
Life time 50000hours
Auto sensor YES
product size 198mm*133mm*85mm

Product Features

1. This product is made of ABS plastic and the weight is light and not fragile
2. The built-in10s,30s.60 timerthe user can choose according to the demand 3.
3. Big internal use spaceimprove the toasted feet due to intenal space too small to let go into the annoyance;
4. The product has passed the CE.ROHS certification;
5. It looks very lovely.
6. The Nail Dryer Lamp 24w has patent and has passed the CE.ROHS.certification

Product Details

The size of Nail Dryer Lamp 24w

Removable base plate easy to clean;12 lamp beads distributed around evenly receives light and dries nail polish faster

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