Nail Dryer Lamp 60w
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Nail Dryer Lamp 60w

Nail Dryer Lamp 60w which is sold hot in is specially designed for nails and can be used on the most dry gels to provide excellent drying effect not only for nails but also for toenails.high power.we are professional nail tool supplier,always provide factory price ,high quality product, Most superior service .please send message to contact us to OEM&ODM.


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Product Description

Product Introduction of the Nail Dryer Lamp 60w

The product is the introduction of high quality dry nail light 60w, hope it can help you better understand the dry nail light. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future!

1.Wavelength 365-405, not easy to black hand.

2.Dual light source lamp beads, simulating sunlight, can effectively provide the light wave coverage needed for UV phototherapy gel extension gel and LED nail polish.

3. Infrared automatic sensing device, reach out that is bright, shrinking hand that is extinguished.

4. Digital display is clear and concise.

5. Can be used to dry mainstream nail glue, nail polish, phototherapy gel and so on.

6. Suitable for home and nail salon use.

7.Intelligent overheating: reduce the burning sensation, make you feel comfortable in the process of nail art.

8.This nail drying lamp 60 watts is designed for nails and can be used on the driest gels, providing excellent drying results not only for fingernails, but also for toenails.

Product Parameter (Specification) of the Nail Dryer Lamp 60w

Product Parameters:

Quick Details
Product Name Rechargeable Nail Dryer Lamp 60w
Model Number Charming  60W
Material ABS/PUPaint/rubber paint
DC output 15v 1.5A
Feature Portable
Power 60 watts
Color white/pink/black
Life time 50000hours
Auto sensor YES
product size 225mm*210mm*100mm

Product Features

Product Feature And Application of the Nail Dryer Lamp 60w

1. Infrared sensor will be activated automatically when hands reach into the machine.

2, Automatically shut down the machine when leaving, default maximum working time.

3, Indicator light is on when power is on.

4, This product is made of ABS plastic, light weight, not fragile.

5, The bottom plate is attached with magnet, easy to disassemble, hand and foot shared only in a moment.

6, The lamp bead design of this product is very scientific, can evenly illuminate all nails.

7, The product has a patent and passed CE.ROHS certification.

Product Details

Product Details of the Nail Dryer Lamp 60w

The size of the product is 225mm in length, 210mm in width and 100mm in height, large space 360 degree baking glue, you can put both hands to bake nail at the same time, high power upgraded to 60w, faster and more time-saving, improve work efficiency.

Products have 39 double light source LED + UV lamp beads nail lamp, 30 lamp beads evenly distributed baking glue, no dead-end distribution, lamp beads this using a double light source easy to shine dry daily nail polish, phototherapy gel.

Products simulate sunlight manicure, work non-ultraviolet light, the use of LED fluorescent light beads to filter the black hand light wave free UV in addition to light caused by baking glue hand black and blinding trouble.

The product has super intelligent sensing, infrared intelligent sensing, no need to repeat the key, saving time and effort more worry, infrared sensing reach out that is bright, away from the hand that is extinguished.

The product is available in white/black/pink, with multiple colors to choose from for purchase, meeting the preferences of many beauty lovers.

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