Nail Dryer Lamp 36w
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Nail Dryer Lamp 36w

SUN X12 plus 18 Pcs Led UV Light Beads Nail Polish Gel Fast Drying Machine 36w Led Nail Uv Lamp For Gel Polish Nail Dryer Lamp 36w is made of ABS plastic,and the weight is light and not fragile.This nail gel lamp is very new and hot sales, Suitable for home use or nail salon use.The product has patent and have passed the CEROHS.certification.this led nail lamp has led display.We have our own production line, which gives us an absolute advantage in terms of price, please contact us ,and we always make long term business.Send message or email,many models are available.

Model:SUN X12 plus

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Product Description

Product Introduction of the Nail Dryer Lamp 36w

The product is a high power 36 watt nail lamp equipped with 18 powerful LED bulbs for fast gel curing in 10 seconds 30 seconds 60 seconds 90 seconds memory timer setting Fast hand sensor activation Sensitive touch buttons with 3 LCD time settings Portable handle for easy carrying The product is developed by the company and made of ABS material with trustworthy quality and one year warranty.

High power 36 watts with 18pcs powerful led bulbs of Nail Dryer Lamp 36w, fast curing gel in 10s 30s 60s 90s memory timer settings Quick hand sensor activated Sensitive touch button with 3 LCD time settings Portable handle for easy carry The product is independently researched and developed by the company, using ABS materials, the quality is trustworthy, and has a one-year warranty.

Product Parameter (Specification) of the Nail Dryer Lamp 36w

Product Parameters:

Quick Details
Product Name Nail Dryer Lamp 36w
Model Number X12 plus 36W
Material ABS/PUPaint/rubber paint
DC output 15v 1.5A
Feature Portable
Power 36 watts
Color white
Life time 50000hours
Auto sensor YES
product size 215mm*123mm*75mm

Product Features

Product Feature And Application of the Nail Dryer Lamp 36w

1, This product is made of ABS plastic, light weight, not fragile.

2, High power, fast curing time.

3, the use of large space, improve the single-handed baking due to the internal space is too small to put the problem.

4, commonly used 30s, 60s, 99s built-in 99s painless mode, completely solve the problem of hand pain in the user's use.

5, service life up to 50,000 hours.

6, 21 LED dual light source, can cure all gel polish.

7, The product has a patent and passed the CEROHS certification.

Product Details

Product Details of the Nail Dryer Lamp 36w

The dimensions of the product are 216mm in length, 147mm in width and 77.5mm in height, with plenty of space to stretch your hands and bake at the same time.

The surface display design of the product has power cord jack, LCD HD display, 3-speed 30s/60s/99s timer time button, three gears to adjust the power adjustment digital display design, you can choose the time according to your situation.

The product has 18 high-power dual light source lamp beads, the distribution of lamp beads on both sides close to the base plate, effectively solve the problem of thumb bake is not dry, dual light source lamp beads bake glue fast, multi-angle irradiation, we use LED dual light source lamp beads do not black hand, bake glue fast.

The product has infrared intelligent sensor, reach that is light, hand away from the light out, infrared sensor receiver shrinkage 3mm, effectively avoiding light refraction caused by infrared sensor failure, the liberation of nail technician's hands, saving time, effort and worry.

The package content of the product has a power plug cord, product instruction manual, a nail light product, a beautiful and simple box.

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